Episode 8: Online storage SHOWDOWN

Join us (Wolfin, Ryland, Flechmen and Norzman) as we talk online storage till out faces turn red and our dropbox’s are full! You can review the charts we referencein today’s show here yourself as well.

Thanks go out to Silent, our appropriately loyal and awesome wolf editor!


FurTalk Episode 2, Tech: Tech News, Apple iPad 3, Virtual Machines

We’re back to talking tech as we discuss the latest technology news, Apple’s potential release of the iPad 3 in March and some of our favorite virtual machine solutions across Windows, Mac and Linux. We also take a moment again this week to point out some of the things that really, really annoy us about Windows 8.  Your hosts this week are Wolfin, Flechmen and Norzman; join us in a world of technology and adventure!

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