FurTalk Episode 7: Future of Browser Based Gaming

Join us as we talk about how much Flash deserves to die and how each of us will take time from our lives to help choke, belittle and destroy Adobe Flash and all who use it! MWAHAHAHA!  Oh…uh…. so, yeah, we talk about the next generation of browser based gaming, yeah. Let me go put this sword away…

FurTalk Episode 3, Gaming: RTS games we love

We’re talking this week about our favorite RTS games of yore and current day. Didn’t mention your favorite RTS game? Give a shout and send us an email at [email protected]!  Your hosts this week are Flechmen, Rukh, Syruss and Wolfin; join us in a world of gaming and adventure!

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FurTalk Episode 1, Tech & Gaming: Windows 8, 32bit Processors and Skyrim

Are you a furry? Are you a gaming or technology enthusiast?  Then hold onto your tail as we get our geek on and talk about technology topics that matter to us in the first ever episode of FurTalk! You hosts this week are Wolfin, Flechmen, Gabe and Syruss; join us in a world of technology and adventure!

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