Episode 10: Mobile Browser Wars

Before browsers used to fight over who would be dominate in the desktop space; but as feature-phones give way to smart phones with powerful processors and extensible operating systems the war has moved to which browser will live in your pocket.

Join Awkray-ven, Direlda, Maliki and Wolfin as they delve into which mobile browser earns a spot in the palm of your hand.

Episode 9: ICANN Extensions and All-You-Can-Fly

Come join Wolfin, JWingy, Awkray-Ven, Syruss and Levi as we make fun of the new ICANN domain extensions under consideration (Anyone want a .mcdonalds domain, anyone?); we also get the chance to talk about a new airliner that wants to fly you as much as you want for a fixed monthly price.

Disruption on the internet followed by disruption in the air. We love disruption, and we’re FurTalk.

Episode 8: Online storage SHOWDOWN

Join us (Wolfin, Ryland, Flechmen and Norzman) as we talk online storage till out faces turn red and our dropbox’s are full! You can review the charts we referencein today’s show here yourself as well.

Thanks go out to Silent, our appropriately loyal and awesome wolf editor!


FurTalk Episode 7: Future of Browser Based Gaming

Join us as we talk about how much Flash deserves to die and how each of us will take time from our lives to help choke, belittle and destroy Adobe Flash and all who use it! MWAHAHAHA!  Oh…uh…. so, yeah, we talk about the next generation of browser based gaming, yeah. Let me go put this sword away…

FurTalk Episode 5: FPS Strategy

This time around you don’t /deserve/ an episode description. We know you didn’t tip well enough at that last restaurant. We don’t care it was McDonald’s. Bad Fluff.

Alllllllright, so, we talked about FPS games and strategy. Are you happy now? >.>

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FurTalk Episode 4, Tech: Google “hacks” iPhones and Pogoplugs galore!

We share the tech news that mattered to us, including a man who took AT&T to small claims court over bandwidth throttling and won. We also talk hardware, including what your pogoplug (not as dirty as it sounds) can do for you! Your hosts this week are Flechmen, Norzman and Wolfin; get your geek on!

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FurTalk Episode 3, Gaming: RTS games we love

We’re talking this week about our favorite RTS games of yore and current day. Didn’t mention your favorite RTS game? Give a shout and send us an email at [email protected]!  Your hosts this week are Flechmen, Rukh, Syruss and Wolfin; join us in a world of gaming and adventure!

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