FurTalk Today: Hipster Coffee Shop Ordering Guide

Don’t know what to order? Wolfin and Levi share their choices when ordering from “fancier” coffee places. Let us know in the comments below what you order!

FurTalk Today: Your Thinking Place

Where do you go to think? (Do you think? We hope so!) For some it’s a place with some background noise to guide them. For others, silence is a must. Where do you fall in the spectrum? Let us know in the comments below!

FurTalk Today: Overcomplimentary

How do you tell someone they aren’t doing a good job when you don’t want to hurt their feelings? It’s a topic of discussion for our panel of furred experts: Wolfin, Levi and Crimson. Let us know what you tell people in the comments!

FurTalk Today: The Music in Our Heads

Ever get a song stuck in your head? We can relate. Listen to Crimson, Levi and Wolfin share what’s caught in their heads and how they annoy others with it. Share what music is stuck in your head in the comments!

FurTalk Today: Writing Tools

Which writing tools work best? Levi and Wolfin have some very different ideas on what methodology works best. Let them know what writing tools you use and recommend in the comments!

FurTalk Today: Valentine’s Candy

It might still be January, but Valentine’s Day candy can be easily found at the local dollar stores and grocery stores. Levi shares his love of chalk, Wolfin shares his love of sales, and JWingy and Fao get to tag along for the sugar-rich ride. Share what your favorite Valentine’s candy is in the comment below!

The bunny marshmallow candies Wolfin mentioned.
Valentine’s candy on Amazon that supports the show.

Creative commons podcast image by Flare.

FurTalk Today: Getting Up

Mornings can be the hardest part of the day, sometimes. Today’s crew (Levi, Wingy, Fao and Wolfin) talk about what it takes for them to get started in the morning. Why don’t you share your get-up routine in the comments below?

The Starbucks VIA stuff Wolfin mentioned.

Episode Image by JohnnyMrNinja.