FurTalk Today: 3D Printing

Wolfin has 3D printer-based world domination plans. Joining him to discuss them and other fine uses for 3D printers are Crimson and Flechmen. Ever used a 3D printer? Want would you print first? Let us know in the comments!

FurTalk Today: Absentmindedness

We forget what this show is about. Oh yeah, absentmindedness. In this episode we lament the difficulties and discuss solutions to the problem of… wait, what were we talking about again?

FurTalk Today: Con Prep

Are you a convention-goer? Today, Levi and Braniff hijack the show and talk about their plans for Texas Furry Fiesta, which starts tomorrow in Dallas. If you plan to be there, say “Hi!”

FurTalk Today: More Apps You Should Have

Join Wolfin and Flechmen as they discuss more apps you should have. This week spotlights: Duolingo to learn languages, 9 to read your work email from your personal phone, and Monument Valley for a fun phone game.

FurTalk Today: Frozen’s First Scene

What is the first scene of Frozen? Our very unscientific poll reveals that not many do. Can you tell us? Do so in the comments below first, and then come back and listen to see if you’re right!

FurTalk Today: Hoarders

Most of us keep things we don’t need. Wolfin, on the other hand, keeps way too many things no one needs. Join him and Levi and they discuss their hoarding tenancies and then let us know your own in the comments below!

FurTalk Today: Weather and Our Moods

Does weather make you moody? If you’re like us, different weather makes you feel different ways. So are you the stormy type, the sunny type, or something else altogether? Let us know below!