FurTalk Today: Restaurant Horror

Ever had a bad restaurant experience? Levi, Braniff and Wolfin sure have! Listen to their stories in today’s show, then leave your own in the comments down below.

FurTalk Today: Getting a Dog?

Have you been considering buying a dog lately? Levi, Braniff and Wolfin remind you of points you should consider before you make your decision.

Do you have experiences getting a dog? Let us know in the comments!

FurTalk Today: Weather

Do you get excited when you see the clouds darken and feel a warm wind pick up? Today’s hosts do, and in this episode Levi and Wolfin share their experiences watching and learning about the weather. Share your weather experiences in the comments below!

FurTalk Today: Health Tech

Did you know there are some apps designed to keep you healthy? Wolfin and Levi return to discuss health apps and tools and their personal experience. Don’t forget to give us your two cents in the comments!

All You Can Eat (Software)

What products would you subscribe to? Levi and Wolfin explore the best and the worst in subscription products (and barely scratch the surface). Let us know if you subscribe to any products in the comments below!

FurTalk Today: What Does White Chocolate Taste Like?

Ever wondered what white chocolate tasted like? We did, and our expert panel of chocolate-loving canids is ready to tell you! Once you’ve listened to them, tell us what you think in the comments below.

FurTalk Today: That Phone

Join us today as Levi gets to discuss his dislike of his Phone, and Wolfin manages to banter on about technology! Leave your comments below, and let us know what topics you’d love to see us cover next.