FurTalk Today: Unpopular Animals

Are there any animals you like that it seems no one around you does? We can share your pain.

Tell us your favorite underrepresented or underappreciated animals in the comments.

FurTalk Today: Stuffed Animals

Ever thought keeping and enjoying stuffed animals wasn’t just for kids? Today the crew discusses memorable childhood stuffed animals, and what they still cherish today. Introduce us to your cherished friends in the comments below!

FurTalk Today: Packing

How good are you at packing for trips? We share our tips and tricks today (or try to) to give you the most efficient packing experience possible.

Share your tips in the comments!

FurTalk Today: Spring

Welcome to the first day of spring (in the northern hemisphere). It may not feel like spring everywhere yet, but that doesn’t stop a more southerly crew from discussing the woes of allergy season.

FurTalk Today: Pet Psychology

How well do you know your pets? Eli and Levi briefly discuss their experience with their dogs and venture into some aspects of pet psychology too. You definitely don’t want to miss this one.

FurTalk Today: Daylight Saving Time

Well, it’s been a week, so here’s Wolfin and Levi ready to take on the collective insanity known as Daylight Saving Time. Love it? Hate it? Got a better solution? Tell us in the comments.

FurTalk Today: Your Thinking Place

Where do you go to think? (Do you think? We hope so!) For some it’s a place with some background noise to guide them. For others, silence is a must. Where do you fall in the spectrum? Let us know in the comments below!