One thought on “FurTalk Today: Getting a Dog?”

  1. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to get rescue dogs. We’ve got cats, chickens, horses, and cattle so getting an adult dog is risky. We need a dog that won’t have issues with any of these animals and when our dogs live outside, it’s hard to teach them to leave livestock alone when there is no-one to watch them. We’re also a long way from any place that has much choice when it comes to rescue dogs. (I just looked on petfinder and there is only one elderly dog within 50 miles.) Most of the rescue dogs around here are probably a cowdog mix, which isn’t something we want on the place. (Cowdogs chase cows.)
    Seven years ago, we got a male golden retriever puppy. The elderly owners had bought him as the runt of the littler and it turned out he had no house training and diarrhea, plus, it was January. We are suspicious that, considering the sorry state Sam was in, he’d come from some sort of puppy mill type operation.
    Since Sam is getting a bit up in years, we bought a golden retriever puppy from someone who had their dog bred. This puppy is a good dog, and she seems to be in much better shape than Sam was when we got him since her owner was seemed more responsible. We wanted to get another golden since Sam’s probably the best dog we’ve had. Piper is a very bright pup who is now ten months old and doing well.

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