One thought on “FurTalk Today: Pet Psychology”

  1. Interesting. I know our golden retrievers are normally pretty quick to pick up on what I want them to do. Many times, what I’m trying to tell them to do is something I haven’t worked with them much on, so it’s always a bit surprising when they actually figure out what I’m asking them to do.
    Our two dogs are kept outside, unless it’s cold, and they could run off if they chose, but of course they don’t. We do not let our dogs on the house furniture. (They’re allowed on an old seat in the garage.) Since they’re not house dogs, the rule is they have to stay on the rug when they’re inside. (Being outdoor dogs, they also tend to be dirty, so roaming the house would cause a mess.)
    The older dog is much better at staying out of things he’s not supposed to. If something is on the garage table, he generally leaves it alone because he knows we don’t want him bothering it. The pup, on the other hand, is another matter. She may leave some things alone, but if it’s really tempting, she’s going to see what’s on the table.

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