3 thoughts on “FurTalk Today: Con Prep”

  1. Since my con’ is a writing convention, there’s a lot more stress involved, and I’m in the long panic mode. (The con’ on the 25th.) Once I’m there, it will be partial excitement and a lot of panic as I try to meet with the right people to ask them if they’re interested in publishing my book.

    1. Since you didn’t mention the name, I wasn’t sure if you were okay with me mentioning it here. That’s a conference I have considered in the past, but so far I have been unable to justify the cost. How did it go for you?

      1. It went pretty well, though I think I’m learning a lot of what the teachers teach. I think I’ll probably skip next year. Bryan Davis isn’t teaching next year, but his daughter is going to be there to teach. For you, it might be easier to find a conference closer to where you live, since you live near a population center. There aren’t any close conferences here.

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